Roche Brothers Wines

April 6th, 2020
  • A: More please
  • B: Yes
  • C: OK
  • D: If there's nothing else
  • F: No


  • Projection
  • Bread & Butter Cabernet 2017: B. Chrissy loves, not much body, a.m. headache
  • Scotto Cabernet 2-16: B+. Chrissy loves, musky in a good way. Normally $15 on sale for $10.
  • Shannon Ridge Cabernet 2018: A- for $11. Balanced, body.
  • Chilensis Malbec 2018: B. Headache. But kept well.
  • Chloe Pinot Noir 2017: B. Pleasant right after opening.
  • William Hill Cabernet 2018: B+. Complicated; both a little fruit and musky. $17 on sale for $12.


  • Yellow Tail Shiraz: C+. Some body, pleasantly musty. Some unpleasant sharpness.
  • Woodbridge Pinot Noir 2018: D+. Not good, not much of anything, but not offensive. No headache.
  • Ninety Plus Pinot Noir: D+. Watery, musty, not much. No headache.


  • Underwood Pinot Noir 2019: D. Watery, sad.